2010 Jeep Wrangler 2way confirming Remote Starter kit

This customer was looking for a solution to be able to remote start his jeep from inside his work building and be able to get a confirmation that his truck started, so we installed a 2way confirming LCD system that visually shows when the jeep is lock/unlocked/and remote started. So now even when he can’t visually see where his jeep is parked outside his work, he will get a visual and audible confirmation on his remote when the jeep receives the remote commands.

And like all of our other jeep/chrysler/dodge kits, he did not have to sacrifice a spare key during the installation, and the remote starter also works from his original keyfob. So for example, maybe in the summer months he chooses to take the LCD remote off his keychain since he won’t be using the remote starter as much, he still has the option to remote start his jeep with the factory remote to cool down the truck with the A/C in the warm summer months.

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