Backup Cameras

We have many solutions available to add backup cameras and sensors to your vehicle.
According to the NHTSA there are over 14,000 vehicle backup injuries EACH YEAR.
Some of these vehicles offer little to no visibility of people or objects that may be behind the car.
We have solutions to help prevent these kinds of accidents. From vehicle specific integration kits that use your existing radio display to show the camera image, to aftermarket rearview mirrors with built in displays, we have solutions available for any vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler “self install kits” 2007-2016 No Dealer activation required!

If you live out of state, or even out of the Country! we have compiled all of the parts for you in an easy to install package!

With an overwhelming demand for adding a backup camera to the 2007-2016 JK Jeep Wranglers factory navigation screen, we have decided to offer a “self install” kit. We’ve had customers from all across the world inquire about this kit so we have put together all the parts you need and we’ve been shipping to Jeep owners all over the world.
We have pieced together the integration module and camera with detailed instructional video so the average owner with a few tools can complete the job!

This kit does MUCH more than just add a backup camera!
This kit allows you to:

  • Add a backup camera
  • You DO NOT have to have the dealer unlock your factory radio! this kit does that for you!
  • Allows you to turn on rear camera AT ANY TIME. Very useful to see behind since factory rear view mirror offers such limited vision
  • Unlocks DVD in motion so your passengers can enjoy watching a movie on road trips*
  • Unlocks NAV coordinates in motion so your passenger can enter NAV info while vehicle is in motion
  • compatible with manual transmission Jeeps
  • System is re programmable to work on other version MyGig Radios!- So lets say  you upgrade your Jeep and the new jeep has a different Mygig radio, you can take this kit out and reprogram it to the different version radio!
  • easy to install
  • OPTIONAL A/V harness cable allows front camera hookup,adding an additional A/V source, and A/V output- you must contact if you want to purchase this additional harness.

Compatible with 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler models with factory navigation.  You must indicate which version radio you have by the 3 letters printed on the bottom right corner of your radio.
Please allow a minimum of 5 business days to process your order.
International orders may take extended amounts of time to clear customs, and the customer is required to pay for all duties due.

If you would like to order a 2nd camera for front facing view, or if you would like to order optional audio/visual cables to hook up external video source please email us!

*some regions lock the DVD playback even while in park. if your jeep does not play DVD in park you will need to get your local dealer to turn this feature back on in order for our kit to unlock DVD while in motion. * certain model European radios will require the additional installation of a toggle switch to make all features work

Shipping insurance is not included in our basic s&h charge. If you wish to add insurance please email us. Specialized Car Audio inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of shipping handler.

select what 3 letters are on the bottom right of your jeep radio

international shipping

Need a replacement camera or an additional Camera to use for a front view camera?
Purchase one here $99 + $10 s&h
(you must purchase additional A/V harness-please email us)

2 Responses to Backup Cameras

  1. Mark Childress says:

    I Purchased a Jeep Wrangler back-up camera kit from Specialized Car Audio last month. I worked with Mike, who was great; he answered all of my emailed questions immediately and completely. (Thanks Mike for your patience). The kit arrived very rapidly and perfectly packaged; no damage. I installed the kit in my 2010 Rubicon without a hitch, only took about two hours and that was because I took my time and very carefully routed the harness. I built a custom camera mount for my spare tire carrier, however, mounting the camera under the rear bumper would have worked also. The video was invaluable and made the actual connections to the Navi/Radio system very easy. The entire system works beautifully, exactly as specified on Mike’s website. It’s a perfect system; rugged; weather proof; easy to install; expandable; and unlocks many useful features of the MyGig system in addition to a great back-up camera. Fantastic! Thanks much!

    • admin says:

      I’m glad to hear that you are pleased with the Jeep backup camera kit! I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for the average jeep owner to install this backup camera kit with just basic tools, and the installation video I provide takes any guess work out of the equation.

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