Self Install Remote Starter Kits

We have put together 3 different comprehensive “self install” remote starter kits for your late model Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2013 . The kits are shipped out with your specific vehicles software preprogrammed. So when you order please add a note and  give us the exact year and model of your vehicle!

  • Basic kit works from your OEM keyfob by pressing the lock button 3x- this kit is great for limited range of 200-300 feet which is typically what the OEM remote will transmit
  • The next step up is our long range kit which comes with a small 1 button remote which will give you up to 1,000 feet of range- perfect if you are needing more than the 200-300 feet of the OEM transmitter! You also retain the ability to still use your OEM remote by pressing the lock button 3x!
  • Our top of the line kit comes with a LCD remote which gives you up to 1,400 feet of range and the main benefit of this kit is that you get all the visual confirmations of the commands. lock/unlock/start/stop, etc.

Included are detailed step-by-step instructions walking you through the entire installation process. Although we have made this kit as easy to install as they come, we still advise that basic installation knowledge is required to install these kits. If you are not comfortable performing the work then please find someone who is!

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Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say about our kit and service!
“I recently purchased a remote starter for my Jeep Cherokee SRT8 and can say every part of the experience was an absolute pleasure.  They validated my the info on my car to make sure they sent the correct parts.  Sent processing and shipping updates.  The instructions were very good.  And most importantly their support was fabulous.  I had a friend who is a weekend mechanic do the install for me.  The install went great except the he forgot to re-plug one of the wires after zip tying the wires.  Mike from Specialized Car Audio responded to e-mails over two different weekends to help diagnose the issue.  He then even checked a few days afterwards to make sure it all worked out ok.  If you are looking for quality parts and awesome service these are the people for you.”

Joe Lockwood-
Harwinton, CT



2012 Jeep grand cherokee with single button long range kit

2006 Grand Cherokee with LCD Remote Kit

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