Fleet Vehicle Services

  • Laptop Mounts
  • Cargo Lock Electronic Deadbolt systems for work vans
  • Power Inverters
  • Strobe light kits
  • GPS tracking installation
  • Backup camera
  • Safety lights
  • Hands free Bluetooth solutions

Or maybe you have an item that you need installed? We do that too!
We’ve done work for many local businesses like PODs enterprises ®, Tmobile ®, Freightliner ®, and many more!

on-site installation available!

Electric Deadbolts in action!

Cargolocks are the ultimate security for your van!
They are completely undetectable from the outside
No unsightly “hockey puck” locks to fumble with anymore
No Excuse to lock your cargo area EACH and EVERY time you leave the truck!
Basic system utilizes a switch in cab to activate locks
Easily adapted to remote control for remote control convenience

Nobody wants to deal with old, outdated mechanical locks that you have to fumble with EACH and EVERYTIME you have to lock and unlock your van. And all it takes is that ONE time you forget or don’t feel like locking those old locks and a thief can ruin your day and quite possibly put you down for days until you get back on your feet.

Available for:
Chevy-Ford-Dodge-Sprinter Vans- Both swing or slider slide doors
Universal deadbolts can be adapted to any kind of overhead slider cargo door, or side compartment boxes too.

Contact us for detailed pricing- rear door kits start at $599 Installed




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