Remote Car Starters

We have many options when it comes to adding a Remote Car Starter to your Vehicle
And with nearly 20 years of experience you can rest assured the job will be done right!

  • We only use the top brands of components & bypass modules that learn your vehicles key code so you don’t have to give up an ignition key during the installation
  • Everything is included in our quotes to have the system function properly on your vehicle. Most shops charge extra to integrate with auto headlights, or even to hook up power door unlock when installing a single button remote starter
  • All of our systems come with 2 remotes
  • All our systems advertised range is supported by manufacturer documentation
  • From basic systems that work from your OEM keyfob to hi-tech systems that work with your smartphone! we have a system to suit everybody
  • No hassle installation- No need to drop off your vehicle for the entire day, most installations are completed within 2 hours!
  • DOES NOT VOID YOUR VEHICLES FACTORY WARRANTY! The Magnuson Moss warranty act protects consumers against car dealers threatening to do so
  • Remote Starters can be installed in your leased vehicle & removed and re-installed into your next vehicle

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DEI SmartStart
The DEI SmartStart is hands down one of the coolest innovations to ever hit the remote starter industry. Packed with features that will make your busy life a little easier to deal with! contact us for pricing and options

Prestige Single button System on Infiniti with Smart Key
Here’s a quick demo of the Prestige Single button remote starter system installed on a Infiniti G37 with factory Smart Key ignition

Remote Start on Nissan Vehicles equipped with Intellikey
One of the most commonly asked questions from nissan owners with factory intellikey, is if a remote starter can be installed without shutting down when the door is opened. The answer is yes! our systems allow you to simply enter the vehicle and press the brake pedal to complete the intellikey takeover then put the vehicle in gear and drive away. no need for vehicle to shutoff when door is opened, no need to have to restart vehicle. Vehicle remains secure from theft if anyone attempts to enter without the Nissan intellikey on them.

Toyota Push Start Ignition remote start solutions
Here’s an example of a very slick little 1 button remote that operates the remote start along with the lock and unlock funtions on this Toyota Rav4.

Remote Start Installation on a Manual Transmission vehicle
We get asked all the time if it’s possible to install a remote starter on a manual transmission vehicle, and the answer is yes. We have models of DEI and Code alarm remote starters that are “manual transmission friendly”. By completing a proper shutdown sequence before you exit your vehicle, the remote starter then knows that the vehicle was safely left in neutral and will allow you to then remote start the car. If any of the vehicles doors are opened AFTER you complete the shutdown sequence, the manual transmission mode will be void and you will not be able to remote start the vehicle until you complete the proper shutdown sequence again.


Jeep OEM style remote car starters
We have remote starter kits for Jeep, Chrysler & Dodge vehicles that integrate seemlessly into the vehicles computer network. These systems also function from your factory keyfob giving you the option of taking the long range remote with you or just using your standard key to remote start your vehicle on days when you won’t be needing the long range.

2way LCD kit for Dodge Vehicles
We offer some of the best remote solutions for your Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles!
Our kits use software specifically designed for your exact vehicle, and will even work from your original remote! Maybe your 2008 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicle came with the OEM remote starter which is limited to a couple hundred feet of range at best. We have long range solutions for you!


Confirming single button systems
Does your vehicle have the factory “clicker” built into the head of the ignition key?
If so, then a 1 button remote starter system is perfect for your application.

Confirming 1 button system on new Nissan PTS (push to start) vehicle
Here is an example of how a single button, 2 way confirming remote starter works on a new Nissan Vehicle with PTS. The vehicle shown is a 2011 Nissan Maxima.

1 Button Remote Starter
Now that most newer vehicles come with the factory remote control built into the head of the key, our most popular solution to add a remote car starter is to add a 1 button system. The remote is slighly larger than a quarter so it doesn’t take up much room on your keychain. And since most import vehicles are designed to disable the remote control keyless entry when the vehicle is running, this new remote starter system will allow you to unlock the vehicle while it is remote started.

Remote Starter integrated on a vehicle with Intellikey
We have a lot of customers who have questions on how a remote starter works on a Nissan vehicle equipped with Intellikey. Many Nissan owners have heard numorous stories of how it can’t be done, or it can’t be done to still let the factory intellikey function properly. Hopefully this video will clear up those misconceptions by showing our system installed in a Nissan Murano with Intellikey. The factory Intellikey functions exactly like it should and works perfectly with the newly installed remote starter.

Mercedes Benz Smart Key Starter
Designed specifically for Mercedes Benz Vehicles, these sytems work from the OEM keyfob and can also be upgraded to work from a long range remote or even work from your smartphone!

Compatible Mercedes models listed below 




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  1. Ron Tyson says:

    I live in westchester, new york and I have a 2014 nissan murano with intellikey. I would like to know where I can optain one of your remote starters or if there is some place near me I can get one installed.

    Ron Tyson

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