The lowest price isn’t always the best deal

Who wants to overpay on low-quality auto parts? No one.

Recently, I had a conversation with a customer who was comparing my prices with a competitor who was running a Groupon special on remote starters. The Groupon deal seemed like a fantastic bargain advertised at over 50% off! But here’s the catch: the “bargain” doesn’t include FOUR important features that virtually every car owner needs:

  1. It didn’t include any interfacing with the vehicles factory security system
  2. It didn’t include a transponder interface (required for almost and car manufactured after 1995 AND it costs an extra $75-$100
  3. It didn’t include hooking up any door locks, which means on his particular car he would have to turn off the remote starter and then use his car remote to unlock the doors just to be able to get in the vehicle
  4. It didn’t include interfacing with autoheadlights, which means after the remote starter turns off the autoheadlights will stay on draining the vehicles battery

And worst of all, that sale price didn’t cover vehicles equipped with a push-button starter.

After reading a little more about this deal and talking to my new customer for life, I learned that the customer had been told he would only get one remote start fob. I know from experience that this particular unit comes with two in the box. I can only assume that they were charging customers an additional fee if they wanted the second remote. The ad even stated that the deal offered a system with an operating range of 1500 feet. The problem? The manufacturer’s own website doesn’t substantiate that claim, and after speaking first hand with the manufacturers rep, he confirmed that particular model would achieve 500 feet at best! A little misleading to say the least.

The next major difference between the unit this Groupon Ad was using and the Units Specialized Car Audio uses, is the overall quality of the Remotes. Our Remote Starter Systems come with a sleek, elegant, SOLID Remote Control with a nice polished metal band around the edge to protect it. The competitors remote? Let’s just say it resembles more of a lightweight square chunk of plastic. And all of our systems claims on range are backed up by manufacturer specs.
And the fine print of this Groupon ad only offered a 2 year warranty on parts and labor. Specialized Car Audio inc. offers a standard LIFETIME WARRANTY on all the remote starters we sell!

After adding up all of these little extras, the cost quickly doubled, totally eliminating any sale benefit he thought he was getting. Not such a good deal anymore, is it? That deal they advertised was just a hook to get an uneducated consumer through the door in hopes of up selling them features that come standard at Specialized Car Audio Inc.

When you do business with a reputable company like Specialized Car Audio Inc. who has one of the highest rated reviews on Google for Suburban Chicagoland mobile electronics installation, you can be confident that your quote includes everything you need. And we don’t use lower quality units just to be able to offer cheaper prices to match competitors. After all, since all of our systems are backed by a lifetime warranty on parts AND labor, we have to make sure the product we sell will last.

Our 20+ years of experience also results in a very fast turn around time on most of our work. We know our customers time is valuable, who can afford to be without their car for an extended amount of time? We pride ourselves on efficiently getting the job done so our customers can go on with their day.
A remoter starter is only as good as the technician installing it. Today’s vehicles have a very complex electrical system equipped with dozens of computers and more wires than you could imagine. An experienced Remote Starter technician is crucial to make sure the system is installed safely and properly with your vehicles electrical system.

Do you know how experienced the installer is from the shop offering the cheapest price? Most likely the lowest price in town reflects the lowest quality of parts and labor to match.

If you’re looking for good, fast products with the added bonus of expert opinion and over 20 years of Remote Starter installation experience to help you find exactly what you need, then call Specialized Car Audio Inc.

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