2014 Toyota Rav4 with new Toyota “H” key

Toyota recently came out with a new key code encryption, dubbed the “H” key because of the H stamped on the metal shaft of the key. This new transponder code encryption code has not been “cracked” by any of the aftermarket bypass companies that we would normally use to spare the customer the inconvenience of having to give up one of their spare ignition keys in order to have a remote starter installed. So being faced with the undesirable option of sacrificing one of the expensive ($300+) remote keys that come with the vehicle, the only other alternative is to get an inexpensive spare key made from Toyota, but even most Toyota dealers themselves do not even know this is an option on these vehicles. Specialized Car Audio inc, has the information you will need in order to get a less expensive spare key made if you want to get a remote starter installed on your newer Toyota vehicle equipped with an “H” key!
This is exactly the type of expertise that sets us apart from the rest!
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