BMW M3 E46 Audio & Performance upgrades

We have had vast experience upgrading the stereo system in BMW over the years, this customer traveled all the way from Denver Colorado to upgrade his stereo in his BMW and brought us a rare gem. a 2003 BMW M3 with only 24k original miles! This is a prime example of pristine BMW. But like every other BMW, it was lacking a good sounding stereo and the client was in search of a little more horsepower from the already impressive 333hp that the car came stock with, so we added a Magnaflow stainless steel cat back exhaust system along with a K&N cold air intake system to supply more air to the motor.

The Audio upgrades consist of a Kenwood touch screen DVD player with satellite tuner along with a steering wheel interface adapter so the customer could retain his stock steering wheel controls with the new radio.
This is no easy job to fit the larger aftermarket radio in these BMWs. extensive work must be done to make a radio like this fit. along with original BMW parts to relocate the climate controls down lower by the shifter.
We also installed a backup camera mounted underneath the lip of the rear trunk lid.

We also replaced the front door speakers with a pair of Hertz Hi-Energy 6.5″ component speakers, added sound deading material in the front doors. Again, this is no easy task to fit these larger speakers in the BMW doors.

Rear speakers were also replaced, and a 12″ subwoofer was installed along with a custom fiberglass sub enclosure which takes up virtually no trunk space.

All of this was powered by one Hertz HDP 5 channel amp which was discretely mounted behind the access door on the left side trunk trim panel. so any future adjustments are easily accessible.

All of this is protected by a DEI Python security system and remote starter that features a 2 way LCD remote control giving the user 1 mile of range, and we also installed the Smart Start module which allows the customer to control his security system and remote starter from his smartphone no matter how far away he is!
And since this vehicle is equipped with the SMG paddle shifter, installing a remote starter is not a cut and dry scenario. Very extensive steps and knowledge is applied to make a remote starter work on the SMG equipped vehicles.

So when it comes time to upgrade the audio system in your BMW, look no further. We are very well experienced in this vehicle and can improve the audio like you wouldn’t believe in this car!


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