Jeep Wrangler backup camera kit 2007+ JK

With an overwhelming demand for adding a backup camera to the 2007-2013 JK Jeep Wranglers factory navigation screen, we have decided to offer a “self install” kit. We’ve had customers from all across the U.S. inquire about this kit so we have put together all the parts you need and we’ve been shipping to Jeep customers all over the world.
We have pieced together the integration module and camera with detailed instructions so the average owner with a few tools can complete the job.
This kit does MUCH more than just add a backup camera!
This kit allows you to:

    • Add a backup camera
    • Allows you to turn on rear camera AT ANY TIME. Very useful to see behind since factory rearview mirror offers such limited vision
    • Allows an additional input for a 2nd camera if you wanted to add a second front facing camera to keep an eye on trail obstacles
    • Unlocks DVD in motion so your passengers can enjoy watching a movie on road trips*
    • Unlocks Nav coordinates in motion so your passenger can enter Nav info while vehicle is in motion
    • Add an external video source with A/V inputs, any video source with composite video cables, yellow/red/white
    • A/V output cables allow you to feed video signal from the factory source¬† to a rear monitor for example
      *system must display DVD in park in order to unlock video in motion

Compatible with 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler models with factory navigation. radio must have the letters RER, RHB, or RBZ  printed on the lower right side of the radio to be compatible. Please allow 5 business days to process your order.
If you would like to order a 2nd camera for front facing view, or if you would like to order optional audio/visual cables to hook up external video source like an ipod, please email us!

select what 3 letters are on the bottom right of your jeep radio

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