Mercedes SL600 stereo system upgrade

customer complaint: Music volume is to low with top down, and looking for overall sound upgrade from the Bose stereo that comes from the factory in Mercedes.
Solution: Hertz Hi- Energy component speakers for front doors, Hertz Hi-Energy midrange speakers for rear, Hertz Slim mount subwoofer in custom enclosure in passenger footwell where stock sub is located, Hertz Digital power 5 channel amplifier, Audison BitOne sound processor which allows us to retain the factory Mercedes radio and obtain a clean audio signal to feed into our new Hertz amplifier to run the speakers. The Audison bitone also allows us to setup digital time alignment utilizing time delays on the separate speakers to maximize the listening position inside the vehicle.

This vehicle sounded amazing, and was a night and day difference from the stock Bose system that came in the vehicle from the factory!

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