Adding a Remote Starter on a Nissan vehicle with Intellikey

Today we had a customer from Bensenville call and ask if it was possible to install a remote car  starter on her Nissan Murano with Intellikey.
If you don’t know what intellikey is, It is a factory Nissan system that allows you to lock, unlock, and start your car without having to use a key, or a remote. You simply carry the Nissan FOB in your pocket or purse, and when you approach the car the vehicles computer recognizes the FOB and allows you to enter the vehicle by simply pressing the button on the door handle and then starting the car with just a turn of the ignition tumbler.
The reason she asked if it were possible, is because she had 2 friends who had remote starters installed on their Nissan Murano’s with factory intellikey, and the remote starter didn’t integrate properly causing the owners to have to shut down the vehicle when it was remote started before entering it, and then having to restart the car to drive off.
After we informed her that the systems we carry do not function like that, and would integrate perfectly with her Nissan, she was thrilled to come in and have one installed. After the job was done and customer was using the sytem, she said she wish she would of known sooner that she could of had one installed they way she wanted and keep the intellikey working like it should !.
So this is just another example of how using the right parts and integration modules make all the difference in the world!

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